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Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging uses wide range of Polyester / BOPP / Papers / Aluminum / LD / LDPE / LLDP / HM & other co-extruded films or any other combination to provide the properties necessary to preserve and protect products. As the name implies, flexible packaging has no shape of its own but conforms to the shape of the product it protects. The process of converting raw material into flexible packaging generally involves printing, coating, laminating, metallizing, extruding or co-extruding. The efficient use of raw materials and high-tech product protection has made flexible packaging one of the fastest growing segment of the packaging industry. As the thinnest most light weight form of packaging, it reduces the volume and weight of packaging material to a minimum often by as much as 95% over other forms of packaging that can reduce a product manufacturers packaging costs as well as transportation cost and warehouse space.

Virtually permanently life rendered to products is possible with the help of the lamination machines.
Laminates can be made from Polyester to Aluminum, Polyester to Co-extruded film, Polypropylene to Aluminum or any other permutation.
We at Rotek believe that the factor of product safety in the packing material is managed by this part of the entire process for which we have laid down strict regulations of the presence of an operator physically and mentally to the job.

Pouch Making
Pouch or Bag making is the last step in the entire process. Our machines have been well equipped with electronic controlled clutch and computer control system to check the accuracy of each and every single piece.
Our machines can manufacture pouches of various kinds of Center sealed, Side sealed, Standby packs, Re-Sealable, Gazette etc.

Colorful packaging adds to a product’s salability in the competitive marketplace. The brightest colors on flexible packages stand out in the shelf and make a product or brand more visible to the consumer. Our multicolor printing machines employ high grade inks and high speed rollers to give you the best at impressive value for money.
Rotek has been well equipped with the latest Rotogravures machines where accuracy levels has no chance to slip out. Our machines are fully equipped to maintain the quality level and can print up to 10 colors or more as per your requirements and we ensure that your product gets the maximum output.

The printed and the laminated material is then slitted on to sharp guided machines where the rolls come out in uniform shape. These rolls can be used in various forms either for the usage of forms-fill-seal machines or even on to automatic pouching plant.